The Pledge

TV Movie
Action, Drama Western • 2007
Three men, each with their own agenda. For one, it is greed. For another, it is murder. For a third, it is vengeance. Each is determined to get what they wanted. Only one of them will make it out alive.


TV Movie


Action, Drama Western

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  • Luke Perry
  • C. Thomas Howell
  • Kim Coates
  • Jaclyn DeSantis
  • Francesco Quinn
  • Jorge-Luis Pallo
  • Wyatt Smith
Eli Tate (Kim Coates, Skinwalkers) is supposed to be serving life in Folsom, but after a violent escape, he’s on the run. Sheriff Matt Austin (Luke Perry, Jeremiah), who dreams of the good life as a rancher, is bound and determined to put him away for good. But Eli, already twice incarcerated, has a personal history with the sheriff—Austin killed Eli’s brother. Now, he has a score to settle. And he goes right for the heart—by murdering Austin’s wife and young son in cold blood. Yesterday, Austin was a peaceful man who dedicated his life to law and order. Today, he’s out for vengeance and dedicated to taking down the man who shattered his life. He’s making it a pledge.