Gift of the Magi

TV Movie
Drama, Romance • 2010
The holidays reveal the ways of the heart as a husband and wife discover the true meaning of love and sacrifice in this rewarding adaptation of O. Henry’s beloved classic.


TV Movie


Drama, Romance

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  • Marla Sokoloff
  • Mark Webber
  • Megan Riordan
  • Tom O'Sulleabhain
It begins with a visit to a neighborhood pawn shop. Then, with the help of her best friend, Renee, cash-strapped Della takes on an extra job at a hotel without Jim’s knowing. Jim, a bartender in O. Henry’s Pub, secretly finds extra work, too, through his best friend, Ian. All it’ll take is just a couple of noble white lies from each of them, and enduring a few weeks of exhausting moonlighting, to make Christmas special. And in the meantime, they play matchmaker for Renee and Ian. It’ll be perfect. But a series of misunderstandings soon undermine their respective schemes, and fate itself will have a hand in their design for the best Christmas ever.