Three Wise Women

TV Movie
Drama, Holiday • 2010
What do you get someone, who seems to have everything, for Christmas? For one young woman, it’s a second chance.


TV Movie


Drama, Holiday

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  • Amy Huberman
  • Fionnula Flanagan
  • Hug O'Connor
  • Lauren Coe
  • Richard Flood
Liz is thirty years old and at the top of her game as a surgeon. Tonight, attending a Christmas fundraising reception, she looks every bit the focused and ambitious success. With her is Peter, the passionless and practical fiancé, for whom Liz is perfect. Because real love requires the kind of risks that Liz refuses to take—not since she discovered, years ago, the unforgiveable infidelity that shook her parents’ marriage. It turned Liz into a woman fiercely dedicated only to her career. As luck would have it, Sean Murphy is also in attendance. He’s an old flame, still sexy and charismatic, still the love of her life, if only Liz had the courage to admit it. Then, a stranger approaches Liz, like something out of her wildest dreams.