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Television Distribution

We continue our efforts to supply broadcasters and cable/satellite networks around the globe content for their linear channels. While there has been substantial growth in digital media, traditional forms of distribution still have a healthy appetite for premium content.

Business Strategy

We engage with clients on a number of levels to help them with overall business strategy. We focus primarily on maximizing efficiencies around content values. We also help with strategic planning and launching television and OTT services.

Venture Investment

We are constantly looking at investment opportunities in the media space. Generally they have an operational connection to our business. Prior investments have included virtual reality, animation, documentary film, production services, OTT platforms.

Digital Media & Technology

The media landscape is experiencing tectonic shifts as technology companies continue to disrupt the business. AMG has focused expanding its distribution footprint by providing content to digital video on demand content services.


Supporting clients with navigating the acquisition of content rights. With so many variables that factor into pricing, it’s important to have a clear knowledge of the market.


With more and more content being produced we see an opportunity to play an expanded role in facilitating production and co-production opportunities. Having experience with production deals in the US, we are actively pursuing global productions that can travel outside their home country.