The Mayflower Madam

TV Movie
Drama, Mystery • 1987
Mayflower Madam is inspired by the life and career of Sydney Biddle Barrows. In October, 1984, New York was rocked by one of the most explosive “sex-for-sale” scandals in the city’s history.


TV Movie


Drama, Mystery

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  • Candice Bergen
  • Chris Sarandon
  • Caitlin Clarke
  • Jim Antonio
  • Debra Jean Rogers
  • Leslie Hardy
  • Chita Rivera
For nearly a year, the newspaper headlines screamed the unfolding story of the Mayflower Madam (as she monikered by the tabloids), until in August, 1985, a court decision dismissed all felony charges against her. Throughout the proceedings (and to this day), Miss Barrows steadfastly refused to reveal the names of her prominent clients and defended her “girls” and her enterprise as a “well run business.” Even police officials conceded that Cachet had been the best service of its kind ever operated in the Big Apple, citing it as distinctly free of any relationships to drugs or organized crimes.