The Maldonado Miracle

TV Movie
Drama • 2002
When a young boy with a dream seeks refuge in a town without faith, everyone discovers the value of life’s small miracles and the rewards that come to those who are blessed with an open heart.


TV Movie



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  • Peter Fonda
  • Mare Winningham
  • Ruben Blades
  • Eddy Martin
  • Bill Sage
  • Christina Cabot
  • Dan Merket
After the death of his mother, 11-year-old Jose Maldonado (newcomer Eddy Martin) and his dog Sanchez arrive in the dying Southern California town of San Ramos in search of his missing father. Mysteriously injured, bleeding, and frightened by the town’s sheriff, Jose seeks shelter in the church. The next morning, the town is shaken by the alleged visions of Josephina (Soledad St. Hilaire, Real Women Have Curves), a devout parishioner who claims to have seen blood on the statue of Christ. As news of the miracle spreads, San Ramos teems with pilgrims, fanatics, and reporters, filling the poor box and restoring the faith. The dispirited Father Russell (Golden Globe winner Peter Fonda, Easy Rider) is skeptical. Then again, San Ramos is prospering and his jaded parishioners believe in something at last.