The Hive

TV Movie
Action, Adventure, Horror, Thriller • 2006
Individually they’re harmless pests, easily stomped out and ignored. Now, multiply their number by 200 million. Give them a hive mind, a mission, and an insatiable desire for human flesh. What happens then?


TV Movie


Action, Adventure, Horror, Thriller

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  • Tom Wopat
  • Kal Weber
  • Mark Ramsay
  • Pisek Intarakanchit
  • Nicky Tamrong
Dr. Horace “Len” Lennart (Kal Weber, Mile High), a young scientist who runs Thorax Industries extermination service in Los Angeles, is dispatched with his colleague Bill (Tom Wopat, The Dukes of Hazzard) to wipe out a threat in the jungles of Ban Tao. Days earlier, a mass of flesh-eating Army ants attacked and killed hundreds of workers in a mine. Len’s ex-girlfriend Claire Dubois (Elizabeth Healy), a highly ethical entomologist and activist vegan who strongly opposes the annihilation of any species, is against the mission. But even she becomes concerned when Len fears that the ants have developed a kind of “hive mind” as witnessed by the perfect O-shaped crop circles the creatures created. Their mass intelligence makes them far more formidable than anyone previously believed.