The Crooked E, The Unshredded Truth About Enron

TV Movie
Drama • 2002
In December of 2001, the largest bankruptcy in United States history was filed. Ten thousand people lost their jobs, and even more saw their life savings wiped out. In total, twenty-five billion dollars was lost.


TV Movie



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  • Christian Kane
  • Shannon Elizabeth
  • Brian Dennehy
  • Cameron Bancroft
  • Aleks Paunovic
  • Mike Farrell
  • Jon Ted Wynne
Brian Cruver (Christian Kane, Life or Something Like It) is a bright 26-year-old Texas boy. He has the perfect girl in Courtney (Shannon Elizabeth, American Pie), his fiancée, and he has the perfect job at Enron, a bankruptcy trading group soaring to number one in the Fortune 500. Brash, energetic, and trusting, Brian believes everything that Enron Chairman of the Board Kenneth Lay (Emmy nominee Mike Farrell, M*A*S*H) says about the company’s dedication to integrity. As Cruver’s salary skyrockets, and as his position as senior manager for bankruptcy risk management imbues him with more power, Cruver finds himself seduced into a corporate greed machine with no way out. But Cruver doesn’t want out—even at the risk of losing Courtney. It’s everything he’s always wanted—until he stumbles upon Enron’s secret.