The Colt

TV Movie
Drama • 2005
A gift of hope arrives on a very special dawn for a desperate Civil War cavalry struggling to survive in the midst of battle…


TV Movie



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  • Ryan Merriman
  • Steve Bacic
  • Darcy Belsher
  • J.R. Bourne
  • William MacDonald
  • Peter Lacroix
  • Matter Currie Holmes
It’s 1864 and the First Michigan Cavalry is stranded in a Virginia forest, choking with smoldering fires and smoke and chilled by the distant cries of falling men. Among those stranded in this hell: the weary Sergeant Longacre (Steve Bacic, Out of Order); Covington (Darcy Belsher, Legalise), an illustrator enlisted to capture the Civil War in unerring detail; and trooper Jim Rabb (Ryan Merriman, Taken) who counts his brother among the casualties, yet still rides his beloved mare Jen with a true soldier’s indomitable will to survive. Then one morning Jim discovers that Jen has given birth and by her side is a newborn colt, shaking and afraid, born to chaos, and clinging to his mother for life. Longacre orders Jim to shoot the foal, lest it prove a hindrance, but Jim—seeing the colt as a consolation and a reminder of the beauty of life—refuses.