The Circuit

TV Movie
Drama, Romance, Sport • 2008
At what does it cost to become the best on the racing circuit? The answers come hard and fast—at 190 miles per hour, in The Circuit.


TV Movie


Drama, Romance, Sport

Original Air Date



ABC Family


  • Billy Campbell
  • Michelle Trachtenberg
  • Drew Fuller
  • Paul Rae
  • Tommy Lioutas
  • Maurice Dean Wint
  • Michael Fox
Everybody’s wild about Kylie Shines (Emmy Nominee Michelle Trachtenberg, Gossip Girl), the beautiful, young, and vivacious rising star of the male-dominated world of race car driving. Although she’s been estranged from her father, Al (Golden Globe nominee Billy Campbell, Once and Again), ever since the death of her mother, she can’t resist her father’s high-speed influence on the track. Not just a championship driver, Al is a racing legend, but his wins are becoming farther and fewer between—a misfortune that weighs even heavier as Al watches his daughter rise in the ranks. Then, when Al gets dropped by his sponsorship team for having one accident too many, Kylie leaps at the chance to take his place, passing him by on her way to the top.