The Christmas Card

TV Movie
Drama, Romance • 2006
To whoever may be reading this, my warmest greetings are with you this Christmas. I know times are hard for you there, but back home we’re thinking of you. We love you, appreciate everything you’re doing, and with all our hearts, wish you a safe retu


TV Movie


Drama, Romance

Original Air Date





  • Ed Asner
  • John Newton
  • Alice Evans
  • Lois Nettleton
  • Ben Weber
  • Peter Jason
  • Andrew Sandord
The spirits are high for an American troop in Afghanistan at Christmas. Private Jonesy’s (Nick Ballard, Dr. Vegas) fiancé has sent them all fresh-baked cookies, and the cards sent by well-wishing strangers are a bittersweet reminder of what they’re fighting for. Even career militarist Cody Cullen (John Newton, Desperate Housewives) is touched—especially so—by a lovely card sent by Faith Spelman (Alice Evans, The Chris Isaak Show) from the small, picturesque town of Nevada City, California. As the months pass, the card never leaves his side. But nothing can soften the reality of war. The following Thanksgiving, Jonesy is killed and Cody is given leave. On a whim, and with no real family of his own to go home to, Cody opts for Nevada City. With Jonesy’s dog tags near his heart and Faith’s card in his pocket, Cody embarks on a journey to look for a home he can call his own.