Smart Cookies

TV Movie
Comedy, Romance • 2012
Blue skies, crystal lakes and the sound of tenderfoots gasping for breath as they’re ushered into the most empowering adventure of their young lives by a leader who, otherwise, would never be caught dead in that unflattering shade of green.


TV Movie


Comedy, Romance

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  • Jessalyn Gilsig
  • Bailee Madison
  • Ty Victor Olsson
  • Samantha Ferris
  • Patricia Richardson
  • Claire Corlett
  • Michelle Creber
Julie (Emmy nominee Jessalyn Gilsig, Glee) is a hot-shot real estate agent when unpaid parking tickets land her before a judge as a scofflaw. Her punishment: ninety days of community service as the leader of a ragtag gang of five, aka the Fireflies Scout Troop. The only thing they’re good at is being bested year after year by the Bobcats, prize-snatching uber Scouts infamous for leaving cookie-drive competition in crumbs. A born realtor, Julie sees her girls as fixer-uppers with some natural charm and tons of potential. First mission to prove themselves: a campout contest in the great outdoors. But Julie never counted on such a carnivorous woodland she-creature as Hazel (Samantha Ferris, Supernatural), the Bobcats’ troop leader and quite possibly the most terrifying thing to hit the wilderness.