Scared Silent

TV movie
Drama, Mystery, Thriller • 2002
A woman hiding a terrible secret. A man hiding behind a badge. In one small town, their lives will collide in an explosion of deceit, retribution, and the ultimate abuse of power.


TV movie


Drama, Mystery, Thriller

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  • Penelope Ann Miller
  • Reed Diamond
  • Lisa Repo-Martell
  • Andrew Jackson
  • Shannon Lawson
  • Marnie McPhail
  • Matt Craven
Kathy (Golden Globe nominee Penelope Ann Miller, Carlito's Way) and Doug Clifson (Reed Diamond, Path to War) are newlyweds eager to begin a new life together. Doug, the police chief in their small Minnesota town, is in the process of adopting Brian, Kathy’s young son from a previous marriage. Just as they are settling into life as a family, Kathy’s world is shattered by the news that John McCrane (Andrew Jackson, My Brother's Keeper) has recently joined the local police force. It isn’t the first time McCrane has worked as an officer in the town. Thirteen years earlier, he pulled Kathy over and took her back to the station house where he brutally raped her. That same summer McCrane also raped Kathy’s best friend, Carole (Liisa Repo-Martell, The English Patient). Fearing for their lives, Kathy and Carole kept silent about the attacks. But now McCrane is back in town, forcing the two women to grapple with old wounds and new fears.