Santa Junior

TV Movie
Comedy, Holiday • 2003
Chris Kringle, Jr. (Nick Stabile, Popular) is going into the family business, but the reluctant heir to the gift-giving throne isn’t exactly living up to his potential.


TV Movie


Comedy, Holiday

Original Air Date





  • Lauren Holly
  • Judd Nelson
  • Nick Stabile
  • George Wallace
  • Ed Gale
  • Alan Shearman
  • Kimberly Scott
With Christmas Eve quickly approaching, Chris is in a race against the clock to keep Christmas on schedule. Things, however, are looking pretty bleak. He’s trapped in Susan’s house, his grumpy elf, Stan (Ed Gale, Child’s Play), is nowhere to be found, and his magical bag of toys is locked up in the evidence room of a police station. In order to pull off the impossible, Chris will have to trust in the tradition of Santa Claus, rely on the kindness of strangers, and learn to love the job he was born to do. Millions of children are counting on it.