Ring of Fire

Series 2 x 120'
Action, Adventure, Disaster • 2012
The earth rumbles. Fire flows in molten rivers. The day sky is as black as ash. It’s beyond a warning. The end is already here.


Series 2 x 120'


Action, Adventure, Disaster

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  • Terry O'Quinn
  • Michael Vartan
  • Lauren Lee Smith
  • Agam Darshi
  • Ian Tracey
  • Brian Markinson
  • Connor Levins
  • Adam Greydon Reid
  • Laci J. Malley
Impassioned environmental activist Emily Booth lost a lot for her beliefs–including her son, Caleb, in a bitter custody battle, and the loyalty of her father, the avaricious owner of Global Oil. Just when it couldn’t get worse, she discovers with the aid of former analyst Matthew Cooper that her father’s clean drilling record is a sham. When the company’s state-of-the-art laser drill accidently reaches a dangerous mass of magma, it unleashes a series of tremors that rock the small town of Maple Glen. Then, the unthinkable becomes a reality—a volcanic eruption that blackens the sky in ash, spreading panic and death and trapping young Caleb in the devastation.