Ring of Death

TV Movie
Action, Adventure, Mystery • 2007
The players are already condemned. The fans are hardcore. The rules are simple; you die, you lose. You live, you play again. What are you waiting for? Place your bets.


TV Movie


Action, Adventure, Mystery

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  • Johnny Messner
  • Stacy Keach
  • Charlotte Ross
  • Michael McGrady
  • Derek Webster
  • Grant Sullivan
  • Frank Sivero
Burke Wyatt (Johnny Messner, The O.C.), an ex-cop drummed from the force three years earlier for a violent incident with a perpetrator, is at a crossroads. Separated from his wife Mary (Charlotte Ross, NYPD Blue) and only able to be a part-time father to his young son Tommy (Uriah Shelton, Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight), Wyatt knows the family he loves and the life he once had seems to be slipping away. When his former partner, now an FBI agent, approaches him about going undercover as a prisoner to determine the reason behind a string of mysterious and violent prisoner deaths that are occurring at Cainesville State Prison, Wyatt sees the dangerous assignment as the way to redeem himself and ultimately convince Mary that their family can be reunited. After forcing a fight at a roadside bar that leads to his arrest and with a falsified previous criminal record, Hodge is sentenced to a term at Cainesville. True to his undercover status, no one, including Mary can know the real reason for his incarceration. When he rebuffs Mary’s attempts to seek legal counsel on his behalf, the wedge between the two is driven in further.