Out of the Ashes

TV Movie
Drama • 2002
Out of the atrocities of the Holocaust came personal stories of survival fathomable only to those who lived them. This is the story of Dr. Gisella Perl, who defied the most notorious German war criminal of all time: Dr Josef Mengele


TV Movie



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  • Christine Lahti
  • Jonathan Cake
  • Jessica Beitchman
  • Jolson Baker
  • Beau Bridges
  • Bruce Davison
  • Richard Crenna
Gisella Perl (Oscar and Emmy Award winner Christine Lahti, Chicago Hope) emerges from a massive steamer docked at a Manhattan port in 1946. One of a straggling mass of Jewish war refugees, she has come to America in search of a new life and determined to resume her old one as one of Eastern Europe’s first female gynecologists. But a practice in America means passing the medical boards. It is during this interrogation that Gisella’s past comes to light. She was the assistant to Dr. Josef Mengele (Jonathan Cake, Noah's Ark), raising a troubling question that demands an explanation. In a personal trial of conscience and fate, what did Gisella do to survive?