Nightmare at the End of the Hall

TV Movie
Drama, Mystery, Thriller • 2008
In the New England college town of Douglas, a magnificent gothic academy stands as an historic cornerstone. It also holds a forbidding link to the past, where the line between life and death will be crossed.


TV Movie


Drama, Mystery, Thriller

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  • Sara Rue
  • Kavan Smith
  • Amber Borycki
  • Christine Danielle
  • Sebastian Gacki
  • Jacqueline Macine Wood
  • Philip Granger
Seventeen years have passed since Courtney Snow (Sara Rue, Less Than Perfect) attended Douglas Academy, the New England boarding school where her best friend, Jane Halloran, took her own life in the storage room three days before graduation. Now, Courtney has been invited by the school’s headmaster to return to Douglas, as artist-in-residence where her bestselling novel—inspired by Jane’s mysterious death—has made Courtney a legend among the students. But, the academy inspires only ghosts as Courtney finds reminders of the past in the familiar surroundings. One is townie Brett Ramsey (Kavan Smith, Stargate: Atlantis), the headmaster’s son and Jane’s former college beau. Another is the shock that greets her in the 13th room on the third floor—the scene of the tragedy.