Night of the Wolf

TV Movie
Action, Adventure, Dramature • 2003
In the wilds of the contemporary frontier, a mother and son confront their greatest fears when faced with a challenge that will change their lives.


TV Movie


Action, Adventure, Dramature

Original Air Date



Animal Planet


  • Anne Archer
  • Robert Urich
  • Zachary Bostrom
  • C Thomas Howell
  • Sally Kirkland
  • Stephen Bridgewater
  • Michael Shamus Wiles
Claire McNichol (Oscar nominee Anne Archer, Fatal Attraction, Jake's Women) is a widowed rancher raising her headstrong son Jesse (Zach Bostrom, Dinosaur). What separates them is Jesse’s desire to be a ranger like his father was, as well as his appreciation for the wild and his love for the wolves that roam it. For Claire, the wolves mean only one thing: a threat to her livestock and her livelihood. But Jesse isn’t dealing with just an overprotective mother. He learns from ranch hand, Purly Owens (Golden Globe nominee Robert Urich, Lonesome Dove), that his mother was the one who found his father frozen to death and left to a pack of hungry wolves. Since then, all Claire has wanted is to make enough money to move back to civilization. But civilized man is about to pose the greatest threat of all.