Naughty or Nice George Lopez Christmas

TV Movie
Comedy, Holiday • 2004
It really is a wonderful life when holiday wishes, bad vibes, big troubles, little miracles, and a mob of department store Santas converge on a Christmas holiday destined to change one man, heart and soul.


TV Movie


Comedy, Holiday

Original Air Date





  • George Lopez
  • Lisa Videl
  • James Kirk
  • Bianca Collins
  • Chris Collins
  • Dan McLean
  • Randy Apostle
It may be Christmas, but good will just doesn’t cut it for sportscaster Henry Ramiro (George Lopez, The George Lopez Show), Chicago’s number one shock jock. His slam-dunk insults, cutting humor, and profitably rude attitude have earned him the reputation of “Bleacher Bum” among fans—and family embarrassment for his wife Diana (Lisa Vidal, E.R.) and insecure teenage daughter Olivia (Bianca Collins, Tiger Cruise). Just when it seems that no amount of tears, no ultimatum, and not even a threat to his marriage could ever make Henry change his sour tune, he goes too far in belittling an optimistic fifteen-year-old listener named Michael (James Kirk, X2) who advocates positive thinking. When Henry discovers that the boy, an aspiring sportscaster himself, is suffering from a rare heart disease, it’s time for quick damage control—and a “Bleacher Bum” T-shirt isn’t going to cut it. What’s left for a self-styled Scrooge like Henry to do? Grant Michael’s wish: be nice to everyone for an entire day.