Mystery Woman: Redemption

TV Movie
Drama, Mystery • 2005
What connects a priceless gem, a desperate drifter, and a lost daughter? Samantha Kinsey would kill to find out—because someone already has…


TV Movie


Drama, Mystery

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  • Kellie Martin
  • Clarence Williams III
  • Nina Siemaszko
  • Casey Sander
  • Tina Lifford
  • Ray Barry
  • Ed O'Ross
While Samantha Kinsey’s (Emmy nominee Kellie Martin, E.R.) Mystery Woman bookstore is closed for renovations, she’s been volunteering at The Haven, an AA shelter for indigents run by Reverend Tucker. Some of them, like Murphy, are hard cases who refuse to stay sober. Others like Jim Carter, a drifter just passing through town, sincerely believe that redemption is possible. Samantha’s curious affection for this lost soul only grows when he’s found murdered outside The Haven. Police Chief Connor (Casey Sander, Predator 2) insists that it was a robbery gone wrong. Samantha has her doubts, which are heightened when she is bequeathed from Jim an intricately carved box containing a personal message to the daughter he abandoned and entrusting Samantha with the mission to find her and deliver it. He also left a message for Samantha: You like mysteries. Here’s one to remember me by…