Meddling Mom

TV Movie
Comedy, Romance • 2012
Two young women in pursuit of happiness on their own terms—and one immovable object who knows better. Mom.


TV Movie


Comedy, Romance

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  • Sonia Braga
  • Mercedes Renard
  • Ana Ayora
  • Saundra Santiago
  • Rafael Amaya
No one loves her daughters like a mother. No one better knows what’s best for them. Ask Carmen Vera. Having successfully married off her daughter, Yolanda, to an accountant, Carmen zeroes in on her older daughter, Ally, a fledgling architect. Thanks, Mom, but Ally doesn’t need any interference. She’s felt a spark all her own in Ben, an old college friend and building supervisor on one of Ally’s major new designs. As far as Carmen’s concerned, Ally still needs a big push in the right direction—like, down the aisle. And fast. Ally and Yolanda think it’s high time they start pushing back.