McBride: The Chameleon Murder

TV Movie
Drama, Mystery • 2004


TV Movie


Drama, Mystery

Original Air Date





  • John Larroquette
  • Matt Lutz
  • Marta Dubois
  • Devon Gummersall
  • Maeve Quinian
  • Dirk Blocker
  • Steven Brand
McBride (Emmy winner John Larroquette, The John Larroquette Show) has received a request for a favor from Dr. Margaret Weill (Annie Larussa, E.R.). One of her employees, Dudley Banks (Devon Gummersall, The Fugitive) is being held on murder charges. A dedicated caregiver for the elderly, Dudley just isn’t the type to take a life, yet the case against him is solid. He was offered a ride from Las Vegas to L.A. by filthy rich Whitney Collier (Maeve Quinlan, The Bold and the Beautiful), young wife of millionaire tycoon Hanson Collier (Steven Brand, The Scorpion King). She was found strangled in her car and her purse with a small fortune is cash was found hidden in Dudley’s apartment. No alibi. No explanations. Just hard evidence to convict him. But McBride isn’t all that convinced. Dudley claims they were being followed that night, Hanson has two mistresses, and the enigmatic Whitney, who kept a private suite at the Golden Bell Hotel in Vegas, doesn’t seem to have a past at all—let alone a future.