McBride: Doctor is Out, Really Out

TV Movie
Drama, Mystery • 2005
When a Los Angeles investigator offers his sleuthing detective skills to a friend-in-need, the road to a clean resolution delivers more twists than the Hollywood Hills—especially when the victim dies twice…


TV Movie


Drama, Mystery

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  • John Larroquette
  • Marta Dubois
  • Matt Lutz
  • Stephen Tobolowsky
  • Seamus Dever
  • David Bowe
  • Richard Fancy
Despondent and enraged over losing custody of his son, Harry Evans (Stephen Tobolowsky, Basic Instinct) breaks into the home of George Prescott (Richard Fancy, Moonlight Mile), the therapist who testified against him at the custody hearing. Armed with a gun, Harry plans to settle the score. What happens next is a story only a good friend could possibly swallow. Fortunately, the friend is investigator McBride (Emmy winner John Larroquette, The John Larroquette Show). According to Harry, he ranted and raved in the dark, finally lost his nerve, tripped and accidentally shot Prescott in the chest, and tossed the weapon. It’s a wild story that gets even wilder when Prescott’s corpse mysteriously disappears from his home and winds up at Angel of Mercy Hospital, transported by an ambulance conveniently cruising Prescott’s upscale neighborhood. Mcbride has a theory: Prescott was already murdered—poisoned to death by a monocaine cocktail—when Harry shot him. Why—and by whom—is another story.