Mark Twain’s Roughing It

Series 2 x 120'
Action, Adventure, Drama • 2001
“When I was younger, I could remember anything, whether it happened or not.” Be it telling tall tales, fables, or anecdotes, American humorist Mark Twain was a master.


Series 2 x 120'


Action, Adventure, Drama

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  • James Garner
  • Robin Dunne
  • Ned Beatty
  • Jill Eikenberry
  • Eric Roberts
  • Adam Arkin
  • Greg Spottiswood
Even success hasn’t made Samuel Clemens (Oscar nominee, Emmy and Golden Globe-winner James Garner, Breathing Leasons) a happy man. Instead of devoting his talent to “serious matters” he’s wasted them on yarns — as Mark Twain, a mere humorist. Now, asked to speak to Bryn Mawr’s graduating class of 1891, he’s filled with dread. His daughter Susy is a student and he hopes to make her proud, and not lend credence to his reputation among the elite as a long-winded buffoon. His wife Livy (Golden Globe-winner Jill Eikenberry, L.A. Law) has enough faith in him for the both of them — as a loving husband, a devoted father, and an extraordinary writer.