TV Movie
Drama, Mystery, Thriller • 2006
The hunter becomes the hunted when the forested shadows of the Appalachian Trail are stalked by a wild animal out of its element, hungry and born to ravage.


TV Movie


Drama, Mystery, Thriller

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  • Gary Busey
  • Ty Wood
  • Marina Stephenson Kerr
  • Ian D. Clark
  • Diana Reis
  • Blake Taylor
  • Sarah Constable
In the mountainous region of Georgia is Mount Raven, a peaceful community presided over by Sheriff Grady (Oscar and Golden Globe nominee Gary Busey, The Firm). Also at home in the wild is twelve-year-old Roy (Ty Wood, The Big White), home-schooled by his devoted mother, Rose (Marina Stephenson Kerr, Haunting Sarah). Isolated from the town, they’re a family of nature—at peace with it, with nothing to fear. Then a dismembered body is found in the area. Locals assume they have a murderer on their hands. But the foe is more formidable than believed. A print found near the scene identifies the predator as the Bengal tiger that has escaped from a traveling carnival. Six hundred pounds, twelve feet from nose to tail, it’s one of the most powerful cats on Earth. Now it’s loose—and there’s no man on the Appalachian Trail with the skill, or the courage, to take it down.