Loves Unfolding Dream

TV Movie
Drama, Romance • 2007
Anderson’s Corner is in transition. So too are the lives of its indomitable citizens who carry a legacy of hope, faith, and courage during the challenging times of the emerging American West.


TV Movie


Drama, Romance

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  • Erin Cottrell
  • Scout Taylor-Compton
  • Dale Midkiff
  • Robert Pine
  • Victor Browne
  • Samantha Smith
  • Patrick Levis
Belinda Tyler (Scout Taylor-Compton, Charmed), the adopted daughter of Missie (Erin Cottrell, Little House on the Prairie), has a dream to enter the male-dominated world of medicine. The local doctor may have advertised for an assistant, but he’s not about to hand over such a demanding position to a lady, no matter how headstrong or capable she may be. Until ailing society matron Virginia (Nancy Linehan Charles, Huff) finds herself waylaid in Anderson’s Corner en route to Denver and in desperate need of a physical therapist. At a loss for an alternative, the doctor gives the job to Belinda, a woman of unyielding faith, who soon discovers bitter opposition from the faithless Virginia who lost her children years ago—as well as her belief in God.