Loves Unending Legacy

TV Movie
Drama, Romance • 2007
Janette Oke’s award-winning, bestselling series continues with an enriching new journey of the heart as a family struggles to begin anew in the shadow of lost love—and the inspiring light of love found.


TV Movie


Drama, Romance

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  • Erin Cottrell
  • Dale Midkiff
  • Victor Browne
  • Samantha Smith
  • Holliston Coleman
  • Brett Coker
  • Hank Stratton
After the tragic death of her beloved husband, Willie, Missie LaHaye (Erin Cottrell, Little House on the Prairie) is packing up and moving back east to her hometown with her young son, Maddie. Missie’s father, Clark (Dale Midkiff, Nancy Drew), and mother, Marty (Samantha Smith, Transformers), are overjoyed considering their other children are scattered to the four winds, and they’re more than eager to set up their daughter in a small new house of her own and help get her back on her feet teaching school. Now it’s up to Missie to turn her house into a home for Maddie, keep Willie forever in her heart, and bravely move on. But already, Missie’s caught the eye of an admirer—the handsome Pastor Joe (Hank Stratton, American Dreams) of Anderson’s Corner.