Loves Enduring Promise

TV Movie
Drama, Romance • 2004
A pioneering clan struggles to stay together—for the family, for the land, and for the promise of the future—amid life’s adversities…


TV Movie


Drama, Romance

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  • January Jones
  • Logan Bartholemew
  • Dale Midkiff
  • Katherine Heigl
  • K'sun Ray
  • Logan Arens
  • Mackenzie Astin
With few alternatives, pioneer widow Marty Claridge (Katherine Heigl, Roswell) took up with Clark Davis (Dale Midkiff, Nancy Drew), a tough widower with a daughter named Missie(January Jones, Love Actually). What began as a relationship that was strictly business led unexpectedly to deep compassion and respect. Now they have a farm to tend, a family to feed, and a lot of love to give. However, the new season is bringing unexpected surprises and hardships since an accident has left Clark incapacitated. Facing the risk of losing their crop, Marty and the kids pull together. But for nineteen-year-old Missie, life is offering something else as she discovers a new beginning of her own…