Love is a Four Letter Word

TV Movie
Comedy, Romance • 2006
A husband and wife with irreconcilable differences. Two hot divorce attorneys with an undeniable attraction. When it comes to love, not one of them will play by the rules.


TV Movie


Comedy, Romance

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  • Teri Polo
  • Robert Mailhouse
  • Barry Bostwick
  • Donna Mills
  • Mariette Hartley
  • David Shatraw
  • Michele Santopietro
Sixty-year-old Margaret Harper (Donna Mills, Knots Landing) is filing for divorce. In her corner is Emily Bennett (Teri Polo, Meet the Parents), an attorney with too many similar cases under her belt not to be cynical about love. It’s her job to get as much as she can for her client—like the house, the country cabin, and enough cash to live in comfort. Hotshot up-and-comer Kenton Rhodes (Robert Mailhouse, Sports Night) is working for the same thing. He’s just as skeptical when it comes to the opposite sex—because his client is Margaret’s husband, Martin (Barry Bostwick, Spin City), who’s looking to lose his shirt. Right now, it’s all he can do to maintain a hotel room. When Emily and Kenton finally meet, the sparks fly—but in ways neither of them imagined.