Lone Rider

TV Movie
Drama, Western • 2007
An honored soldier returns to his embattled home town to face old enemies, and a new life-and-death struggle to protect himself and his family—whatever the cost.


TV Movie


Drama, Western

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  • Lou Diamond Phillips
  • Vincent Spano
  • Stacy Keach
  • Terry Maratos
  • Cynthia Preston
  • Angela Alvardo Rosa
  • Martha DuBois
In the American West, Medal of Honor-winner Bob Hattaway (Golden Globe nominee Lou Diamond Phillips, The Triangle) returns home to Pelton, Nevada where a lot’s changed since he left. With a railroad coming through town, ruthless Stu Croaker (Vincent Spano, Alive) is aiming to become the largest landowner in the county. Filthy rich and corrupt to the bone, he has everyone on his payroll, a gang of killer thugs under his thumb, and he’s in control of every major business in town except for the one that’ll give him a monopoly on the promising new whistle stop: Overland Pride, the Hattaway’s cash-strapped family business. But Bobby isn’t going to let that happen.