Lead with your Heart

TV Movie
Drama, Romance • 2015
After 20 years of marriage, Ben & Maura feel they are getting stale and heading in different directions. Maura gets a promotion to another city and they try to stay together by visiting each other on weekends.


TV Movie


Drama, Romance

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  • William Baldwin
  • Kari Matchett
Chicago suburbanites Ben Walker, a high school wresting coach, and Maura Walker, managing director of a charitable trust, were childhood sweethearts. However, after twenty years, two teenage children, and divergent careers, the increasingly fragile marriage has finally cracked. When Maura packs up and leaves she ends up back in her hometown among a supportive family and old friends. And not one of them is about to let Ben and Maura give up—no matter how difficult second chances, impossible choices, and the challenges of the heart can be. Now, Ben and Maura are about to learn that the things in life worth saving are sometimes the hardest to fight for.