Kung Fu Killer

TV Movie
Action, Adventure, Drama • 2007
A wandering caucasian monk helps the gangster son of an old classmate defeat the gangsters trying to prevent his dealing opium for medical purposes.


TV Movie


Action, Adventure, Drama

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  • David Carradine
  • Lim Kay Tong
  • Osric Chan
  • Daryl Hannah
  • Jimmy Taenaka
  • Gary Peterman
  • Nic Rhind
1929. China is in unrest, as the Republic falls prey to Warlords like Kahn Xin, who holds an entire province hostage to the opium trade—and destroys all who oppose him. Only the revered Wudang monks dare stand in Kahn’s way in order to protect the very soul of China. Among them is the Westerner, White Crane (Golden Globe nominee David Carradine, Kung Fu), a spiritual master of the martial arts and protector of the innocent. Revenge is not in Crane’s heart—until a mercenary army storms the temple and slaughters the beloved female Grandmaster Myling. Out of the ashes of the temple ruins, Crane rises—with vengeance in his heart.