King and Queen of Moonlight Bay

TV Movie
Drama • 2003
In this touching story of family and forgiveness, an estranged father and daughter reunite to confront the years they’ve lost, and to discover how much they still have to offer.


TV Movie



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  • Tim Matheson
  • Kristen Bell
  • Sean Young
  • Ed Asner
  • David Correla
  • Bug Hall
  • Brooke Davis
With her mother and stepfather in Europe for the summer, 17-year-old Alison (Kristen Bell, The Shield) is on her own and on a mission. With a bus ticket in hand and Flagstaff, Arizona as her destination, she plans to confront her father, Al Dodge (Emmy nominee Tim Matheson, Animal House), the man who abandoned their family when she was five years old. What she discovers is less a father figure than a hard drinker and a loner, weather-beaten from years of physical labor and emotionally defunct. Alison may be disillusioned, but her father has his supporters: Auggie Sinclair (Emmy and Golden Globe winner Ed Asner, The Mary Tyler Moore Show), a local with a passion for literature, music, and decent people, and Sandy Bateman (Sean Young, Blade Runner), who knows Al’s capacity for love—however hidden—and his need to feel loved.