Journey to the Center of the Earth

series 2 x 120'
Action, Adventure, Drama • 2007
Take a step into the unknown with an intrepid team of explorers as they venture where no one has dared go before. Miles below the Earth’s surface is an endless chasm of living, breathing dangers that are out of this world.


series 2 x 120'


Action, Adventure, Drama

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  • Rick Schroder
  • Vitoria Pratt
  • Peter Fonda
  • Steven Grayhm
  • Mike Dopud
  • Elyse Levesque
  • Richard Side
Noted anthropologist Jonathan Brock (Golden Globe winner Ricky Schroder, NYPD Blue) has accepted a risky but exciting proposition to lead an expedition financed by the wealthy Martha Dennison (Victoria Pratt, Day Break). She wants a team to find her missing husband, Edward (Golden Globe winner Peter Fonda, 3:10 to Yuma), who vanished four long years ago on an expedition of his own. But this is no ordinary mission. Jonathan, his journalist nephew, Abel (Steven Grayhm, Smallville), and Edward’s former partner, Sergei (Mike Dopud, Shooter), are joining Martha in retracing her husband’s last known tracks to a mysterious passage in Alaska, rumored to be the secret gateway to the very center of the Earth. Scaling granite cliffs, tumbling through perilous shafts and tunnels, and braving perilous walls of fire, their descent advances—straight down into a great unknown.