Jane Doe: Now You See it, Now you Don’t

TV Movie
Drama, Mystery • 2004
Eliminate the impossible, and whatever’s left must be truth, goes the old saw. But what happens when a crime is nothing but impossible?


TV Movie


Drama, Mystery

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  • Lea Thompson
  • Joe Penny
  • Billy Moses
  • Jessy Schram
  • Zack Shada
  • Dean Shada
  • Todd Bridges
William Joyner (Robin Thomas, The Contender) head of L.A.’s United Metropolitan Bank security has a predicament. As the initial American tour stop of the Declaration of Independence, the bank now faces the theft of the cherished document. Locked in a protective case, it literally vanished before the guard’s eyes. NSA Bureau Chief, Frank Darnell (Joe Penny, Jake and the Fatman) and Case Officer Helen Morrison (Tamlyn Tomita, The Day After Tomorrow) can’t fathom how the thief unlocked the case, swiped the document, and resealed it in seconds—all without sounding the alarm. That’s why they call undercover NSA Agent Cathy Davis (Lea Thompson, Back to the Future). Unbeknownst to her husband, children, and suburban neighbors, Cathy—code name Jane Doe—is a puzzle solver extraordinaire for NSA. And her solution is a whopper. On display has been a highly sophisticated electronic photograph stolen days ago, which means the thief is long gone.