Jane Doe: How to Fire Your Boss

TV Movie
Drama, Mystery • 2006
There are so many reasons for committing murder. Revenge, madness, greed, pleasure, passion. But Cathy Davis (Lea Thompson, Back to the Future) discovers another motive that no one else could have anticipated. Not even the killer himself…


TV Movie


Drama, Mystery

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  • Lea Thompson
  • Joe Penny
  • William R. Moses
  • Jessy Schram
  • Zack Shada
  • Stanley Kamel
  • Erin Gray
  • Scott Paulin
Undercover federal agent and expert puzzle solver Cathy Davis, aka Jane Doe, has been called in to find the motive behind an inexplicable murder of a fellow agent. The victim was Alana Devlin (Caroline Williams, NYPD Blue), polished, professional, and well-liked. The man who pulled the trigger was her protégé, Roy Baxter, an otherwise exemplary, well-adjusted, up-and-coming junior agent with no recollection of the unfathomable crime. There’s no question he did it. Cathy just wants to know why. The only thing her investigation yields is a recently-assigned change in Baxter’s work routine: watching hours upon hours of surveillance videos. The Feds call it Data Mining Protocol. Cathy calls it a clue.