Hidden Places

TV Movie
Drama, Mystery, Romance • 2005
From the award-winning novel by Lynn Austin comes the story of an American family struggling against the odds of the Great Depression to hold on to everything they hold dear…


TV Movie


Drama, Mystery, Romance

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  • Sydney Penny
  • Jason Gedrick
  • Shirley Jones
  • Logan Arens
  • Carlie Westerman
  • Barry Corbin
  • Eugene Davis
For years, Wyatt’s Orange Grove has comfortably supported California farmers, Frank (John Diehl, Jurassic Park III) and Eliza Wyatt (Emmy nominee Sydney Penny, All My Children). But this year, mounting debts, force the Wyatts to enlist the help of their children, Luke and Betty (Logan Arens and Carlie Westerman), to bring in the crop by pulling them from school. Offering to home school the children is Frank’s sister, the eccentric Aunt Batty (Oscar winner Shirley Jones, The Partridge Family). When a heart attack kills Frank, Eliza is left a hopeless single mother whose faith is tested. Then comes Gabriel Harper (Jason Gedrick Iron Eagle), a drifter sharing the name of an angel, who’s dropped into town looking for work, a meal, and a roof over his head. With Batty’s encouragement, it’s a trade-off that suits both Gabriel and Eliza.