Grizzly Rage

TV Movie
Action, Adventure, Horror, Thriller • 2006
Lesson #1: Bears run faster than humans. Lesson #2: Running from a bear only triggers its instinct for the chase. Lesson #3: The most common reason for a Grizzly to attack is to protect her cubs. Lesson #4: Stay on the main road.


TV Movie


Action, Adventure, Horror, Thriller

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  • Tyler Hoechlin
  • Kate Todd
  • Graham Kosakoski
  • Brody Harms
The night before their high school graduation, Ritch (Brody Harms, Adam & Evil) and his friends Wes (Tyler Hoechlin, Road to Perdition), Sean (Graham Kosakoski, Brotherhood IV) and Lauren (Kate Todd, Radio Free Roscoe), celebrate their liberation with a road trip. Trouble begins when they venture off the main road, accidentally hit a bear cub, and plow into a tree. A punctured radiator isn’t their only problem. Through the trees comes a heavy, lumbering rustle and the gut-wrenching roar of a vengeful mother grizzly. Ritch is the first to feel the fury. One swipe of the great slashing paw, and he’s shredded as his friends flee into the darkness of unknown territory with nothing on their side but stark raving fear.