Grave Misconduct

TV Movie
Drama, Mystery, Thriller • 2007
She’s been hailed as the new Stephen King. She’s the most successful new author in the business. She has everything a writer could want, and a secret no one can ever know.


TV Movie


Drama, Mystery, Thriller

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  • Crystal Bernard
  • Vincent Spano
  • Roxanne Hart
  • Dorian Harewood
  • Joanna Miles
  • Oliver Muirhead
  • Diane Robin
Julia London (Crystal Bernard, Wings) is a librarian by day and an aspiring writer with a book deal and a promising future by night — if she could finish her novel. Especially now that she’s under pressure from her publishers to deliver. Then, during her weekly Mystery Writers Meeting where she and five fellow writers brainstorm and support one another, she’s asked a favor by co-worker and friend Angela Drown, to read her finished manuscript and offer suggestions. To Julia’s surprise, Angela’s turned out a brilliantly plotted thriller ready for publication. Fatefully, that same night, Angela is attacked and murdered in her apartment, staged to appear as a suicide. A desperate Julia in the throes of writer’s block, and still in possession of Angela’s manuscript that is certain to be a bestseller, surrenders to an unconscionable act. To the delight of her publisher Margo Lawrence (Roxanne Hart, Chicago Hope), Julia has delivered her “own” novel at the deadline moment.