Gentle Ben: Terror on the Mountain

TV Movie
Drama • 2003
He lives in an abandoned mine. He weighs one thousand pounds. Even with his teeth bared, roaring on his haunches, he’s as gentle as a lamb. Just ask his new best friend.


TV Movie



Original Air Date



Animal Planet


  • Dean Cain
  • Reiley McClendon
  • Cody Weiant
  • Gil Birmingham
  • Ashley Laurence
  • David Atkinson
  • Corbin Bernsen
With his parents overseas doing charity work for the summer, 12-year-old Mark Wedloe (Reiley McClendon, Pearl Harbor) is left in the care of his Uncle Jack (Dean Cain, The Runaway), a forest ranger living in a sleepy wilderness town that’s a world apart from Mark’s Los Angeles home. Mark’s most inspiring new life lessons come from Native American Peter Sweeny (Gil Birmingham, Buffy the Vampire Slayer), his uncle’s spiritual-minded deputy. He teaches Mark of the special bond between animals and humans, of communicating with God’s wild creatures, and he reveals the legend of Grizzly Valley, where great bears roam free and safe from poachers and trappers. There’s one bear in particular that becomes more than a legend to the adventurous young boy. His name is Ben.