Garage Sale Mystery: The Novel Murders

TV Movie
Drama, Mystery • 2016
A garage sale junkie realizes that there is a link between local bulguries and what she's finding at local garage sales.


TV Movie


Drama, Mystery

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  • Lori Loughlin
  • Sarah Strange
  • Steve Bacic
  • Eva Bourne
  • Connor Stanhope
  • Kevin O'Grady
  • Jay Brazeau
Jennifer Shannon is a garage sale shopping expert whose sharp observation skills allow her to uncover valuable antiques, as well as help her local police department solve mysteries. Jennifer is asked to make a home delivery for a customer, but she finds the recipient has been murdered. Jennifer soon realizes that the victim’s cold-blooded demise is a re-enactment of a murder in a classic mystery novel. When Jennifer discovers connections between suspects and victims, and uncovers their ties to the literary world, she must race against time to solve the Novel Murders case, without becoming the killer’s next victim.