Garage Sale Mystery: Case of Murder

TV Movie
Drama, Mystery • 2017
When Jennifer Shannon buys a reel-to-reel recorder at a garage sale, she expects the tapes to be blank. Instead she finds herself eavesdropping on a very private and anxious moment for a therapist named Dr. Vetter. It turns it’s also his last.


TV Movie


Drama, Mystery

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  • Lori Loughlin
  • Sarah Strange
  • Steve Bacic
  • Eva Bourne
  • Connor Stanhope
  • Kevin O'Grady
  • Jay Brazeau
Only days later his body is found in an apartment he rented on the sly—stabbed to death and with all trace evidence scrubbed clean. After Jennifer and Detective Lynwood start investigating the members of Vetter’s angry therapy group, it becomes clear that any one of them could have a motive to kill. Now, unless one of Vetter’s patients is ready to share, it’s left to Jennifer and Lynwood to delve into a therapist’s secret life, and root out an enemy with a mind for murder.