Eye of the Beast

TV Movie
Action, Adventure, Horror, Thriller • 2006
For centuries tales of its existence have inspired fear and fascination. It is one of the largest creatures on the ocean floor. A massive, tentacled invertebrate that tends to feed on smaller creatures—us.


TV Movie


Action, Adventure, Horror, Thriller

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  • James Van Der Beek
  • Larissa Tobacco
  • Brian Roach
  • Alexandra Castillo
  • Kyra Harper
  • Kelly Wolfman
  • Arne MacPherson
  • Ryan Black
Two teenage lovers have gone missing off the coast of Fells Island, a small Canadian fishing community in the North Atlantic. The next morning, a yacht cruising the same waters loses all of its crew except for one stunned survivor who swears the others were swept away by “a sea monster.” Then government scientist Dan Leland (James Van Der Beek, Dawson’s Creek) arrives to investigate the story and finds an ally in Fishery Officer Katrin Tomah (Alexandra Castillo, The Path to 9/11). She knows exactly what they’re up against. The same kind of creature did away with her grandfather when she was just a child—a Giant Squid that appears to be devouring everything within sight—and scent.