Everything She Ever Wanted

Series 2 x 120'
Drama, Mystery, Thriller • 2009
One irresistible woman of soft words and a flirtatious style. Two families brought to ruin through lies, deceit, and murder. This was no ordinary crime. It was a diabolical scheme undertaken by a beautiful sociopath to get everything she ever wanted…


Series 2 x 120'


Drama, Mystery, Thriller

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  • Gina Gershon
  • Rachel Blanchard
  • Ryan McPartlin
  • Gabriel Hogan
  • Jessica Harmon
  • Victor Garber
  • Chick Reid
  • Lawrence Dane
Honey voiced, stunningly beautiful, and as sharp as a wasp, Southern beauty Patricia Vann Radcliffe Taylor always felt she was a belle deserving of the best, determined to seal her position in Atlanta’s privileged elite. Her new husband, Tom Allanson, a handsome man seven years her junior, is as good a start as any. What they lack in money, she can make up for in pure cunning. After all, her role model, Scarlett O’Hara, did it. When Pat convinces Tom to invest everything he has left in a lavish plantation, Pat is sure she’s only a horse stable away from achieving her dream of her very own Tara. High society is going to love her.