DC 911 Time of Crisis

Series 2 x 120'
Drama • 2003
On Sept 11, 2001, the American people, wracked with fear, watched the horrific events unfold. But what happened, the decisions, the deliberations, the strategies, in the private quarters of Washington, D.C.


Series 2 x 120'



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  • Timothy Bottoms
  • John Cunningham
  • David Fonteno
  • Gregory Itzin
  • Penny Johnson Gerald
  • Stephen Macht
  • Mary Gordon Murray
It’s the second plane diving into the south tower of the World Trade Center that sends an unmistakable message to Chief of Staff Andy Card. At his urging, President George W. Bush (Golden Globe nominee Timothy Bottoms, The Last Picture Show) returns to Washington from Florida amid rumors that the Supreme Court and the Capitol have also been destroyed. Then comes a threat to Air Force One through military intelligence. The plane’s code word of the day, Angel, gives it terrifying credibility. Secret Service hustles Vice President Dick Cheney (Lawrence Pressman, American Pie) and National Security Agent Condoleeza Rice (Penny Johnson Jerald, 24) into a secret bunker buried deep beneath the White House. Moments later, reports of a rogue aircraft heading toward Washington are confirmed. President Bush orders that it be shot down, only to learn that the innocent passengers aboard have already sacrificed their lives for the country.