TV Movie
Action, Horror, Sci-Fi • 2007
Step right up folks and see snapping maneaters up close. A death-defying show that’ll thrill the kiddies! On your way out, check the souvenir shop—but watch your back.


TV Movie


Action, Horror, Sci-Fi

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  • Michael Madsen
  • Peter Tuinstra
  • Sherry Phungprasert
  • Elizabeth Healey
  • Tawon Sawtang
On the outskirts of a beach resort in Thailand is Jack’s Croc Farm, featuring its star attraction Delilah. It’s a good a way to make a living for American expat, Jack McQuade (Peter Tuinstra, Sniper 3) and his visiting sister, Allison (Elizabeth Healy). If only he could make a living. With twice as many creditors as customers, he’s facing times tougher than Delilah’s hide. But his real headache is his competition. Andy Kongsong’s Croc World is not only bigger and slicker, but Kongsong (Tawon Saetang) will do anything to ruin Jack and take his property—including hiring a few crocnappers to snatch Delilah and set Jack up for a fall. In no time at all, locals go missing, and body parts are bobbing in the swamps. If word gets out that a maneating croc is on the loose, it could really, really kill the tourist trade.