TV Movie
Comedy, Horror, Thriller • 2008
Boy meets girl. Girl bites boy. Not quite your average romance, except for those who love the nightlife.


TV Movie


Comedy, Horror, Thriller

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  • Jason Mewes
  • Erica Cox
  • Richard Fitzpatrick
  • Jordan Madley
  • Nick Nicoltera
  • Stuart Stone
  • Grace Armas
Jack (Jason Mewes, Clerks) doesn’t hold out much hope for a personal life. His ex-girlfriend’s on his back. He lives in a miserable tenement. His slumlord’s hounding him for late rent. Worse yet, he works the graveyard shift as a paramedic. The only strangers he ever meets are junkies and psychos with bullet wounds. How can he possibly meet someone decent between midnight and dawn? The closest he gets is Danika, a real knock out he finds dumped in an alley with strange bite marks on her neck in the throes of death. Back at his place, cleaned up and calmed down, she’s a real beauty, and extremely grateful for a place to crash. She’s still a little shaky, rather pale, and kind of weak. Poor thing. Jack hopes he’s not right, but Danika does seem hooked on something bad.