A Nightmare Come True

TV Movie
Drama, Mystery, Thriller • 1996
Dreams become the most frightening reality of all for a young woman whose terrifying family secrets come to light in the dead of night…


TV Movie


Drama, Mystery, Thriller

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  • Gerald McRaney
  • Jeremy Renner
  • Shelley Fabares
  • Joel Bissonette
  • Dann Florek
  • Mark Kiley
  • Katy Boyer
  • Claire Malis Calloway
Sarah Zarn (Katy Boyer, White Dwarf) is a young nurse starting out on her own. When she’s forced to vacate her apartment, she finds herself back home, and once again in the middle of bitter and unresolved tensions between her mother, Lily (Emmy nominee Shelley Fabares, Coach), and her father, Don (Gerald McRaney, Simon & Simon). For Sarah, the only moments of peace are with Paul (Joel Bissonnette, Fight Club), her musician boyfriend, and her younger brother, Steven (Jeremy Renner, A Friend’s Betrayal). But when night comes, so do Sarah’s childhood nightmares... and suddenly one of them comes true. Lily appears to have vanished with no word of where she’s gone.