The Last Chance

TV Movie
Drama, Western • 2003
A young woman returns to the ranch of her youth and finally makes peace with her father while helping him save the land.


TV Movie


Drama, Western

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  • Jennie Garth
  • Bradley Cooper
  • Lance Henriksen
  • M.C. Gainey
  • Lynn Wanlass
  • Dylan Wagner
For eighty-four years, rancher Charlie Bankston prided himself on doing what he loved best. That’s what being a cowboy was all about. To hear Amos Russell (M.C. Gainey, The Country Bears), the free-spirited foreman of Bankston’s Dry Creek Ranch, tell it, eulogizing Bankston is not so much a matter of mourning the local legend’s passing, but celebrating a life that gave many people great joy. To Will Cooper (Golden Globe nominee Lance Henriksen, Aliens), Amos’ lifelong friend and Bankston’s son-in-law, his passing marks something else-a reminder of his own wife’s untimely death, and the loss of his daughter, Jake (Jennie Garth, Beverly Hills, 90210), who blamed him for it. Now Jake has returned with her son Billy to their small Texas town to pay her respects and accept what her grandfather has bequeathed her: the very ranch that her father calls home.